Cover of the novel The Jagged Man, by Michael Sirois.

Cover of the novel The Jagged Man, only $2.99 for a limited time. Click to see a larger version of the cover.

This is the website/blog for the novel, The Jagged Man, by Michael Sirois. It was released as an e-book for a variety of e-readers on January 26, 2015. The links below will take you to the vendor of your choice. Check out the tabs at the top of the page (About the Book, About the Images, etc.) for more information about this website and the book.

Kindle: (.mobi file)

At Amazon (for Kindle). More info is also available at http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsirois

Other Vendors: (.epub file)

Click on the links below to take you directly to the listing for The Jagged Man, unless you see an explanation telling you how to search for it at their website (Apple, Gardner’s. All the links below will open in another tab.

At the Apple iBookstore (available through iTunes for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac).

At Barnes & Noble (for Nook)

At Ciando (in Germany).

At Copia (for various e-readers).

At Gardner’s, Britain’s leading book, DVD & CD wholesaler, has the e-book of The Jagged Man available for download at their website. (You will need to open an account with them to download e-books. Then search for 9780986394805 or The Jagged Man at the website).

At Goodreads (Goodreads doesn’t sell books, but they do provide links to online stores).

At Kobo (now available).

At Oyster (They are a subscription site. $9.95 a month for unlimited reading. You would have to join Oyster, then search for the book. They currently have a 14-day free trial, then subscriptions are $9.95 a month.)

At Scribd (They are a subscription site. You would have to join Scribd  — they have a thirty day free trial — then for $8.99 a month you can read or listen to an unlimited number of e-books and audiobooks.)



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